2018 Ordinances and Resolutions

2018 Ordinances


An Ordinance Approving Amendments to the City's Personnel Practices Manual and Enactment as an Emergency
01-18-2018O-01-18-02An Ordinance to Approve Amendment of 2018 Appropriations and Estimated Resources
02/15/2018O-02-18-03An Ordinance Amending the City Income Tax Code to Adopt Sections 7183.80 Through 718.95 of the Ohio Revised Code and Declaring an Emergency

2018 Resolutions


A Resolution Approving a Five (5) Year Lease Purchase Agreement with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA LLC for the Lease and Purchase of Three (3) Dump Trucks and One (1) Case Loader Via State Bid to be Built by Kinstle Sterling/Western Star Truck Center at the Approved Purchase/Lease Price of $648,971.00
01-04-2018R-01-18-02A Resolution to Appoint a Clayton Representative and Alternate to the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission and Transportation Committee for the Year 2018
01-04-2018R-01-18-03A Resolution to Appoint Clayton Representatives to the First Suburbs Consortium for the Year 2018
01-04-2018R-01-18-04A Resolution Appointing Member to the Cost Recovery/Impact Fee Appeals Board
01-04-2018R-01-18-05A Resolution to Re-Appoint Robert McGuiness to the Clayton Board of Zoning Appeals
01-04-2018R-01-18-06A Resolution to Re-Appoint Dave Bills to the Clayton Planning Commission
01-04-2018R-01-18-07A Resolution to Elect a Vice-Mayor and President Pro Tempore
01-04-2018R-01-18-08A Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Enter Into an Amendment to the Agreement for Electric Generation Supply with a Competitive Retail Electric Service Provider
01-18-2018R-01-18-09A Resolution Approving Amendment of 2018 Appropriations and Estimated Resources
01-18-2018R-01-18-10A Resolution Appointing Dennis A. Lieberman to Fill the Vacant Position on City Council
02-01-2018R-01-18-11A Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Two Police Vehicles Utilizing the State Bid at a Total Cost Not to Exceed $55,694
02-01-2018R-01-18-12A Resolution to Declare Surplus Equipment Available for Disposal Through Sale or Auction
02-15-2018R-02-18-13A Resolution Appointing Tod Cyester as a Member of the Local Board of Tax Review
02-15-2018R-02-18-14A Resolution Approving Amendment of 2018 Appropriations and Certificate of Estimated Resources