Republic Services

Republic Services has provided Waste & Recycling Services to Clayton residents for over 15-years.  They provide curbside trash & recycle pickup, bulk waste, dumpster rental, yard waste, electronic recycling, household hazardous waste, organic waste & sharps & needle disposal.

Trash accounts are established online or by calling Republic Services at 1-800-543-1339 or 937-268-8110.

Question? Contact Republic Services at 1-800-543-1339 or 937-268-8110.

2024 Recycle Schedule

2024 Holiday Schedule

Rates of Service

Rates for 10/1/2019 - 06/30/2020
Curbside Trash & Recycling Service$39.75 per Quarter
Carryout Trash & Recycling Service
*Must have Doctor's Note
$39.75 per Quarter
Trash Tote Rental
*Not Required to use Republic Tote
$5.31 per Quarter
Recycle ToteIncluded

*Starting 6/30/2020 there will be a 3% rate increase per year.

Bulk Pickup

Included with your trash service rate is one bulk pick-up per month per household. The bulk pick-up must be schedule with Republic at least 48-hours in advance and cannot include more than three bulk items. Fabric items such as couches, chairs and mattresses must be fully wrapped in plastic by the resident for Republic to dispose of the item. All items for pick-up must be placed at the curb by the resident.  Please review the bulk pick-up guidelines. To schedule your one bulk pick-up per month call 1-800-543-1339 or 937-268-8110.

*Please note: Appliances containing chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) (i.e. refrigerators) will not be picked up by Republic unless the CFC is removed by a certified technician and the certificate of removal is attached to the item.


Recycling is picked up on a bi-weekly basis, at no additional charge, the same day as your regular trash is collected. A recycle tote is provided at no additional charge, if you do not have a recycling tote, or wish to use more than one recycling tote please contact Republic Services 1-800-543-1339 or 937-268-8110 to request a tote.

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