What if I am a business?
Every business entity that conducts business in Clayton must fill out and file a separate Form R Business Income Tax Return by April 15, 2016. If you are on the payroll of the business or receive distributions that are deducted from net profits then you still must fill out and file a Form R to report the income received by you personally.

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1. Who needs to fill out Form R?
2. What if I am a business?
3. If I live in Clayton and work in another city that taxes my income aren’t I exempt from Clayton’s taxes? If so, why doesn’t it state that on the Declaration of Exemption?
4. Do I need to fill out Form R if I work or live in Clayton and my employer is withholding taxes for me?
5. If my employer withholds Clayton taxes for me do I need to make a separate payment when I file Form R?
6. Does the City have an income tax?