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Code Enforcement
Complaint Investigations 
Darryl Swafford is our Code Enforcement Officer and is the contact for investigating complaints. 

Pre-Sale Occupancy Inspection

Prior to the sale, rental, lease, transfer or equitable ownership of any real estate within the City of Clayton, the current 
owner or his agent shall schedule an exterior inspection to obtain a pre-sale exterior occupancy inspection. An inspection
must also be conducted upon an occupancy change, but in no case more than once during any twelve (12) month period.
If no exterior violations exist upon the date of inspection a certificate of occupancy shall be issued.  If exterior violations 
exist upon the date of inspection a certificate of occupancy will not be issued until all violations are corrected and brought 
into compliance.  No person shall sell or receive a commission or fee from the sale or long-term lease of any real property 
in the City of Clayton without a valid certificate of occupancy in effect.  Apartment complexes of more than four (4) units 
shall are exempt from this program.   

Pre-Sale Occupancy Application

Pre-Sale Occupancy Inspection Report
Do not submit this form, it is used by City Staff while performing the pre-sale inspection.  This is for your information only so you will know what the inspector will be reviewing during the actual inspection.

Pre-Sale Occupancy Transfer of Responsibility (Only for failed inspections)

    City Ordiances
    The Codified Ordinances that appear on this site may not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the City of Clayton.
    The Codified Ordinances are provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied on as the definitive authority.
    There may have been amendments, repeals or new ordinances added since compilation of this web version.  
    the formatting and pagination of the posted documents vary from the formatting and pagination of the official copy. The
    official printed copy of the Codified Ordinances should be consulted prior to any action being taken.

    Code Enforcement
     Here is what happens after you talk with the city about a nuisance property:
    • The code enforcement officer will visit the site and investigate the issue.
    • Depending on the severity of the issue, he may speak directly with property owner or he may issue a citation asking 
    • the property owner to correct the situation by a specific date.
    • If the issue is not fixed, the code enforcement officer will issue a second notice with a compliance date.
    • If the property owner still does not correct the situation, the code enforcement officer can file the case with Vandalia Courts where the property owner will be brought before a judge to explain their case.

    Most issues are resolved quickly and many times situations arise where residents just aren't aware of the regulations. Staff 
    is always ready to work with residents to find a solution. If you have concerns or questions, please call Darryl Swafford at 
    937-836-3500 or 
    submit your concern online.

    Common Code Violations

    • Accessory buildings and pools
    • Chickens
    • Dogs barking
    • Dogs waste
    • Garage sale guidelines
    • Grass mowing
    • House siding buckling / paint peeling
    • Inoperable / unlicensed vehicles
    • Overhanging trees
    • Parking on yards
    • Trash can locations
    • Trash / junk on yards
    • Trailer / RV parking