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Residential Zoning
Residential Zoning
  • R-C Rural Conservation District - This district is designed to promote quality, single family residential development while providing for the preservation of open space, undeveloped woodland agricultural land, and natural resources. Density level is one home per acre. Chapter 1131
  • R-1 Open Space Residential District - Provides for single family residential dwellings. This district also strives to preserve open space, undeveloped woodland, agricultural land and natural resources at a density level of two units per acre. Chapter 1133
  • R-2 Suburban Residential District - This district is designed for single family homes with a density of three units per acre. Chapter 1135
  • R-3 Suburban Residential District - This district is also designed for single family homes, but the density increases to allow for four units per acre. Chapter 1137
  • UR-1 Urban Residential District - Overall density is six single family homes per acre with a more urbanized feel to the neighborhood. Chapter 1139
  • UR-2 Urban Residential District - This district is designed for a variety of housing types within urbanized portions of Clayton. Chapter 1141

Additional Information 
If you have questions about any of these zoning designations, call 937-836-3500 or view a list of Clayton's Codified Ordinances