We encourage all citizens to register their cell phones and/or unlisted phone numbers with Hyper-Reach. The registration is free, takes only a few minutes to complete and updated contact numbers can be a hugh benefit to police and fire departments if/when the need arises.

The Hyper-Reach notification system can target specific blocks, neighborhoods, or entire communities. It is especially beneficial during situations where timely information concerning natural gas leaks, possible hazardous material spills or even water boil advisories need to be communicated to those whom will be directly affected.

To register, Hyper-Reach
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Warning Sirens

Montgomery County is responsible for activating warning sirens during severe weather events.  The county is split into four quadrants and Clayton is located in the 'Northwest Quadrant'.  The sirens will be activated anytime the Northwest Quadrant of Montgomery County is under a warning.  The Northwest Quadrant is anything West of I-75, North of 35, to the Montgomery County/Preble County border and to the Montgomery county/Miami county border.

Northwest Quadrant

tornado siren activtion area