Residential Leaf Collection Program

2021 TENTATIVE Leaf Pick-Up Schedule

*Schedule is flexible and may vary depending on weather and timing of leaf drop, however, the service department will stop leaf pick-up by December 1st.
  Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4
Pass 1 Wk. of Oct. 25th Wk. of Nov. 1st Wk. of Oct. 25th Wk. of Nov. 1st
Pass 2 Wk. of Nov. 8th Wk. of Nov. 15th Wk. of Nov. 22rd Wk. of Nov. 29th
Leaf Pickup Flyer 2021 pg2

Fall Leaf Collection Guidelines

It’s that time of year again when the leaves begin to fall, and yards transition from the bright colors of summer to beautiful hues of autumn.  To help residents remove fallen leaves, Clayton will continue offering two scheduled pickups starting in October through the end of November.  Crews will also make additional tours through neighborhoods during the leaf pickup program and one time afterwards to ensure all the leaves taken out to the road during the program are removed prior to the snow removal season.  

To assist in making the leaf collection process run as smoothly as possible, residents are asked to remember the following tips:

  • Place only leaves in the leaf piles. Other forms of yard waste such as rocks, pieces of cement, tree branches, twigs, flowers, walnuts, and grass clippings slow the collection process and damage City equipment.  
  • Have leaves in place on the Sunday preceding the scheduled week of your zone collection.
  • If there are leaves left after the pickup, it is because crews could not reach them with the equipment. Residents will need to move them closer to the street and they’ll be picked up on the next pass.
  • Residents may place leaves and yard waste at the curb in standard plastic bags for normal trash pickup at any time.

Tree Limbs

Republic Services will take limbs if they are cut into 4' length and bundled, you can use string or tape, just make them manageable bundles. You can also take your cut up trees and limbs free of charge to 8890 Dog Leg Road at Harris Seed and Sod. They can handle limbs up to 12 feet in length and 20” in diameter