Police Officer Complaint

The Clayton Police Department makes information available to the public on procedures to be followed in registering complaints against the agency and/or its employees.  Complaints shall be accepted in person, by telephone, email or agency complaint form.  If a complaint is received by non-supervisory personnel they shall document the complaint's name, contact information, nature of the complaint and then advise the complainant that a supervisor shall contact them.  The information will then be forwarded to the appropriate shift supervisor, via email, which is also forwarded to the Chief of Police.

In order to protects its officers and employees from false allegations of misconduct.  In this context, complainants should be made aware of the following sections of the Ohio Criminal Code*:

Section 2917.32(A)(3)  No person shall report to any law enforcement agency an alleged offense or other incident within its concern, knowing that such offense did not occur.

Section 2921.l3(A)  No person shall knowingly make a false statement, or knowing swear or affirm the truth of a false statement previously made when any of the following apply:  The statement is made with purpose to mislead a public official in performing his function.

Section 2921.15(B)  No person shall knowingly file a complaint against a peace officer that alleges that the peace officer engaged in misconduct in the performance of the officer's duties if the person knows that the allegation is false

* (These crimes are misdemeanors of the first degree punishable upon conviction by a fine not more than $1,000 and/or imprisonment no more than 6 months)