Home Security Camera Registration

One way residents can assist the City of Clayton in continuing to be ranked as the safest community in Montgomery County and combating crime is through private home security systems and their accompanying video systems. These systems can also sometimes assist the local police department gather critical information about crimes and suspicious activities in our neighborhood communities. 

If you have a home security camera system and would be willing to have the Clayton Police contact you if suspicious activity has been reported in your area, as part of their ongoing investigation, you can now register your security system with the Clayton Police Department. If you do have your security system registered with Clayton, the police would only request archived video on a case by case basis. By registering the security system you are simply letting the Clayton Police Department know you have a private security/camera system and you are potentially willing to share video with them, in the case of investigating suspicious activity within your neighborhood. If you have any questions or would like to register your cameras in person, feel free to contact Sergeant Joe Sanders at 937-836-3500, extension 144.

Register Online by completing the Home Security Camera Registration Form