Do I need a permit for a Swimming Pool?

Swimming pools are becoming popular with the question of whether public pools will open this year.  To help answer some of your questions, swimming pools do require a permit called a zoning certificate with Clayton.  By definition in the Clayton Zoning Ordinance, swimming pools are anything 2’ or deeper.  Here is a summary of the zoning regulations:

  1. Swimming pools must be placed in the back yard, setback minimum 10’ from back property line and setback from the side yard the same as the required yard of the zoning district.
  2. Swimming pools must be enclosed by a 5’ tall, with a locking gate, fence. This may include the side of the pool in the height of fence if you have a hard-sided pool.
  3. If you plan to build a deck it should be included with the permit application and depending on design will often need approval from Montgomery County Building Regulations.

Regulations may be found in Section 1187.12 and 1124.147 of the planning and zoning code at

Zoning Certificate application may be found at

*The Clayton fire department does not fill pools.

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Zoning Certificate Application

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