Clayton Business of the Month

Gudorf Law Group, LLC has been a fixture in the Dayton, Ohio area for decades, offering a variety of services designed to preserve, enhance, and transfer wealth. It's important to us to not just do business in our community, but to give back to the region in which we live and work. As a firm that provides estate planning and tax advisory services, we know how essential it is for individuals to have a feeling of security and control over their lives. We are honored to help some of Dayton's wealthiest families protect their well-being and their futures, but we also want to help Dayton residents with fewer advantages to maintain a sense of stability and autonomy as well.

Past Featured Businesses

September 2018 - Patrick T. Hunter, DDS

August 2018 - Marlyn Jewelers

July 2018 - Stillwater Center

June 2018 - Kim Williams, HER Realtors

May 2018 - Lily & Lacy Boutique

April 2018 - Patrick T. Hunter, DDS

March 2018 - Greenview Media Solution

February 2018 - Universal Insurance Agency

January 2018 - W&M Properties

December 2017 - Dayton Eye Care, Inc.

November 2017 - Mi Casa Group Realty

October 2017 - Balanced Perceptions, LLC

September 2017 - Northmont Community Market

August 2017 - Esther Price Candies

July 2017 - KRW Cycles 

June 2017 - Bernina Main Street