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CPR and First Aid Enrollment Form

  1. TO: Battalion Chief Follick
  2. Clayton Fire Department offers CPR and First Aid training to businesses. The classes are scheduled as needed and require at least five students. The class is free for residents or businesses within Clayton, Englewood or Union, the class is $55.00 for non-Clayton, Englewood, or Union residents and businesses and must be paid one week prior to the start of the class.
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  6. Saturday January 8, 2022   9:00 am   Clayton

    Tuesday February 1, 2022   7:00 pm   Englewood

    Saturday March 5, 2022    9:00 am   Clayton

    Tuesday April 5, 2022    7:00 pm   Englewood

    Saturday May 7, 2022    9:00 am   Clayton

    Tuesday June 7, 2022    7:00 pm   Englewood

    Saturday July 2, 2022    9:00 am   Clayton

    Tuesday August 2, 2022    7:00 pm   Englewood

    Saturday September 3, 2022    9:00 am   Clayton

    Tuesday October 4, 2022    7:00 pm   Englewood

    Saturday November 5, 2021    9:00 am   Clayton

    Tuesday December 6, 2021  7:00 pm  Englewood

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